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PARA meets on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm. In the year 2017, we'll be meeting in the Freewill Baptist Church "Fellowship Hall" at 91 North Prospect in Porterville.
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On May 15th PARA held their "Final Forum" for the Porterville City Council Candidates. PARA Members understood that this "Final Forum" was a non-partisan race as they were allowed to vote on whom they believed would effectively represent the City Council. They also, as did the candidates, knew that this vote was is no way an official endorsement of their candidacy.
On May 15th PARA will be hosting another forum. This time around we will be listening to these candidates who will be running for two seats on the Porterville City Council. Those candidates who were invited include, Shawn Cable, John Duran, Russel Fletcher, Matthew Green, Larry Harper, Pete McCracken, Christopher Morton, Shawn Schwartzenberger and Milt Stowe. The assembly starts at 6PM sharp and the speakers will be begin at 6:30. See you there.
On Apr 17th PARA held a "Republican Round-Up" with several "Republican" candidates running for office. Those included, Mike Boudreaux and Dave Whaley running for Sheriff, Teresite Andreas, Esther Barajas, Devon Mathis and Rudy mendoza running for the 26th Assembly and Greg Shelton who was running for a Board of Supervisors for the 5th District. This was PARA's first endorsement vote of the year.

At the end of the candidates forum, an endorsement vote was taken by PARA's members and tallied that evening, with candidates waiting for the results. Close to 8:00 PM the results were transribed onto a white board with Mike Boudreax, Rudy Mendoza and Greg Shelton winning by large margins and earning PARA's endorsement. PRESS RELEASE.

On Mar 20th PARA BOD met at 5PM to discuss quarterly issues, by-laws, expenditures, new fund raising possibilities and to vet new members. Additionally the BOD was assigned to contact candidates who were running for public office and had a deadline in order to notify these candidate early re: having them come and speak at our "Republican Round-Up". In Mar President Lucketta issued his quarterly info up-date called "President Perspective" - "The Way I see It" ... basically highlighting the last three months of political activity and what's to expect in the coming few months until our next Board meeting in June.

On the same day at 6PM PARA held their monthly meeting - which was a "Political Pot-Luck". The members were up-dated re: the BOD decisions and intentions, plus they were up-dated re: their new Senate District Dirctor, Marty Ferguson. The members were notified that PARA's BOD will be changing their by-laws in June, due the the new membership of the CRA, and that if they had any new ideas or possibly amendments to our by-laws that they'd have to be in writing 30 days in advance, unless the BOD - in June - will allow an emergency request.

In Mar PARA Delegates attended the CRA Convention in Buena Park, where PARA Member, Marty Ferguson, was elected as the new Senate District Director for the CRA. PRESS RELEASE A few weeks later, Mr. Ferguson, accompanied by his wife "Coco" and PARA President, attended a CRA Board meeting which was held at the same time and place of the CRP Convention, in Burlingame.
In Feb PARA Special Speaker was Office C. Farnsworth; "Public Information Officer" from the Porterville Fire Department. Officer Farnsworth shared with those in attendance up-dated info re: "Emergency Preparedness" for Porterville and the surrounding areas within Tulare County. Several questions were answered by Officer Farnsworth, but one had to be answered by 3rd VP David Prado re: the big flood in Porterville in 1969 - since he was there. Thank you Mr. Prado.
In Jan of 2014, PARA's President delivered his "President's Perspective" sub-titled "The Way I See It" highlighting what PARA should expect for 2014. In this first of many white papers, he shared what was needed to grow this CRA Unit with younger volunteers and how to educate these new members. He also talked about going forward with "Press Releases" and possibly starting a "Newsletter" for the public at large. Aside from the white paper, he talked about the up and coming elections, what PARA will be doing, holding informational and endorsement forums for this year and last but not least, grooming members for more leadership roles within PARA.

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