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Date Line: 10-15-18

{NEW} - Russell "BUCK" Fletcher to Speak at PARA
On Thursday, Oct 25th. at 6PM, Russell "Buck" Fletcher, who is running for Porterville City Council - District 1 - will be the guest speaker for the Porterville Area Republican Assembly. Candidate Fletcher, who is a local business owner and volunteer at several organizations, says he's running for the City Council with some new ideas to solve some old problems. In most of Russell "BUCK" Fletcher's campaign ads and fliers he highlights that if he's elected there will be for NO "Bull$h&t", NO "Bribes" and FULL Transparency, and will be prepared to discuss those points at PARA's Assembly.

Date Line: 05-24-18

Assemblyman Devon Mathis to Speak at PARA
On May 24th Assemblyman Devon Mathis, who is running for re-election to the 26th Assembly seat, will be the returning guest speaker for the Porterville Area Republican Assembly. Assemblyman Mathis, who is being challenged by Visalia's Mayor, Warren Gubler and Kern counties candidate Jack Laver for this seat, will address several issues and answer questions from those in attendance. To Mr. Mathis' credit, he has accomplish quite a bit for the Porterville area, including acquiring special funding to help Porterville's east siders where many wells all but dried up.

Date Line: 02-22-18

Assembly Candidate Jack Lavers to Speak at PARA
On Thursday Feb 22nd at 6PM assembly candidate Jack Lavers will be speaking to members of PARA and invited guests at our new meeting location - TONYS PIZZA - located at 1304 West Olive Ave. Mr Lavers - from Kern County - is a 6th generation Central Valley rancher & small business owner, says he knows how to run a business & balance budgets, and will take that knowledge with him to Sacramento if elected.

Date Line: 10-26-17

X-Files to be opened at PARA Meeting
On Thursday Oct 26th the Porterville Area Republican Assembly (PARA) will be opening up their assembly and their podium to any X-File investigations, information and or researcher. For decades thousands have witnessed unexplained and unusual phenomenon flying in our skies. Nations across the globe have received millions of reports from their own citizens, forcing some governments to issue data, but not the truth.

Date Line: 09-28-17

Supervisor Candidate Dennis Townsend to be Guest Speaker at PARA
On Thursday Sept 28th., Supervisor Candidate for the 5th District, Dennis Townsend, will be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Porterville Republican Assembly. Dennis Townsend, a local business owner and entrepreneur, has established himself in the community as one who can be trusted. He's served on several boards and foundations, and has been the recipient of several awards from various chambers and organizations. He's served as a leader at his Church and the community as-a-whole with his Christian walk and witness.

Date Line: 04-17-17

PARA to Hear Past Prophecies Concerning the Porterville Area
On Thursday April 27th, the Porterville Area Republican Assembly and guests will be gathering to hear what a few special speakers will be sharing regarding the Christian history of the Porterville area and some past prophesies concerning GOD wanting to use Porterville - in the end times - for a Revival. Typically PARA invites guest speakers who are either in office or who are running for an office. However,many PARA members who are Christian are very interested in this end time message, which - many believe - has political connectivity. Local Pastors are encouraged to attend this special speaker assembly, as are their congregations, in the hopes of bringing understanding and unity re: this end time message.

Date Line: 02-14-17

Porterville City Manager to Address the "State of Porterville" at PARA
On Thursday, February 23rd Porterville City Manager, John Lollis, will be addressing the "State of Porterville" at the next Porterville Area Republican Assembly (PARA) meeting. Mr. Lollis, who was hired by the City of Porterville in "2006 as Administrative Services Director, and appointed City Manager" in 2009, will address many issues citizens want answers for, such as when will the Jaye St bridge will be finished, Porterville's "East Side" water issues, Porterville's water rates, city roads needing repair, Porterville "Municipal" Airport, Eagle Mountain Casino, Lake Success "Dam" stability, public safety and if Porterville is becoming a Sanctuary City.

Date Line: 05-17-16

Water Issues and Water Rates to be Address by Public Works Director at PARA
On May 26, 2016, at 6pm, Michael Reed, Acting Public Works Director, will be speaking to the Porterville Area Republican Assembly regarding the Groundwater Sustainability Act, State-mandated water conservation measures, aging infrastructure and other pressing issues financially impacting the City of Porterville's Water Operating Fund. The presentation will be held at the Porterville Freewill Baptist Church at 91 N. Main Street.

PARA's second "Special Speaker" - and first in the line up - will be Congressional Candidate Ken Mettle from Kern County. Mr. Mettle is running against incumbent Kevin McCarthy for the 23rd Congressional District, and will share more about his campaign with those in attendance.

Date Line: 04-21-16

Congressional Candidate to Speak at PARA
On Thursday April 28th 2016, Congressional Candidate, Teresita "TESS" Andres, will be the "Special Speaker" at the Porterville Area Republican Assembly meeting. TESS, as her family and friends call her is running against incumbent, Congressman Devin Nunes for the 22nd Congressional District. PARA has invited Ms Andres to speak to our assembly so the people, from the 22nd Congressional district, can hear for themselves why she is running.

Date Line: 11-20-15

PARA's 2nd Straw Poll Favors Trump @ 37.5%
On Thursday Nove 19th 2015, the Porterville Area Republican Assembly came together to honor one of its members - Sengdao Bounyavong - with the 2015 "Patriot of the Year" award. Presenting this special award was PARA's Special Speaker for the evening, California Republican Assembly President, Tom Hudson. Prior to this special awards presentation and dinner, PARA conducted their second mini-straw poll, asking ? "if the election were held today which presidential candidate would you vote for ?"

Date Line: 11-19-15

CRA President Tom Hudson to Speak at PARA
On Thursday November 19th. 2015, California Republican Assembly President Tom Hudson will be speaking to the Porterville Area Republican Assembly - PARA. CRA President Tom Hudson will be sharing what his vision is for the CRA and why so many Conservatives, Constitutionalists and Christians are drawn to the oldest republican organization in the state. Additionally, PARA will be announcing which member who will be honored with the 2015 "Patriot of the Year" award, as this specially designed plaque will be presented by CRA President Tom Hudson.

Date Line: 10-15-15

PARA to host final Political Pot-Luck forum
On Thursday October 22nd. 2015, the Porterville Area Republican Assembly will be hosting a "Political Pot-Luck" forum where "You" become our special guest and special speaker. PARA holds these "Political Pot-Luck" forums every other month to encourage the public to openly share their issues, concerns and grips re: anything political, any politician, any political party, or otherwise. Since this will be PARA's last "Political Pot-Luck" forum of the year, our list of "Guests" - so far - will be ...

Date Line: 09-17-15

Porterville Police Chief, Eric Kroutil to speak at PARA
On Thursday September 24th. 2015, Porterville's Chief of Police, Eric Kroutil will be speaking to "PARA" the Porterville Area Republican Assembly. Chief Eric Kroutil was appointed as the Porterville Police Department Chief of Police in February of 2015. He has held almost every position within the department during his 22 year career, including assignments in Patrol, Investigations, Services and Administration. Chief Kroutil was raised in Porterville and currently resides in Porterville with his wife, Kellie, and has three sons, Trevor, Noah and Jake.

Date Line: 07-16-15

Tulare County Grand Jury Foreman to Address PARA
On Thursday July 23rd. 2015, Tulare County's Grand Jury's Foreman - Chuck White - will be addressing the Porterville Area Republican Assembly - PARA. Mr. White, who's been Tulare County's Grand Jury Foreman for two consecutive cycles (2013 - 2014 and 2015 - 2016) will share a bit re: his past experiences with the Grand Jury and what he has done to promote it's research and findings, including guest appearances on area radio stations and television.

Date Line: 05-20-15

PARA Hosting Assemblyman Devon Mathis
On Thursday May 28th 2015 the Porterville Area Republican Assembly - PARA - will be hosting an open Town Hall meeting with new elected Assemblyman Devon Mathis. Assemblyman Mathis, a long time Porterville native, will be sharing what's currently happening in Sacramento with recent legislation, especially how it relates to Porterville and Tulare County in the 26th Assembly District.

Date Line: 03-19-15

CRA Board Members to Speak at PARA
On Thursday March 26th 2015, several ranking board members of the California Republican Assembly (CRA) will be speaking to the Porterville Area Republican Assembly re: the California Republican Party and California Republican Assembly conventions. Knowing that many folks who could not attend these conventions - to see and hear what actually takes place - PARA's special speakers will be sharing their insights and also answer questions re: the direction of both political organizations.

Date Line: 01-15-15

Reg. B "Two Stones" to Speak at PARA
On Thursday Jan 22nd Mr. Reg. B "Two Stones", author of "In Defense of the Constitution : Ending America's Occupation - An Analysis of the Constitution to Stop the Cultural Genocide of America" will be speaking to "PARA" the Porterville Area Republican Assembly. PARA's special guest speaker, Mr. Two Stones, is a registered and documented North American Indian with Lipan/Mescalero Apache roots (Mother), and also claims Portuguese and Spaniard heritage thanks to his immigrant father.

Date Line: 10-16-14

PARA's Speaker to Address PUSD's Measure B
On Thursday October 23rd the Porterville Area Republican Assembly will have as their SPECIAL SPEAKER, Mr. John Hardin, who will address and answer all questions regarding Measure B. As the Committee Chairman for Taxpayers Against Wasteful PUSD Spending, a committee opposing Measure B, Mr. Hardin wants the public to know all the facts, namely, that this committee successfully opposed PUSD's Measure J in the 2012 election cycle and is opposing Measure B now.

Date Line: 09-22-14

PARA to Address Terrorism in Porterville
On Thursday September 25th the Porterville Area Republican Assembly, PARA, will be addressing the issue of terrorism, how to spot it and what our collective and individual responses should be. Ever since 911, terrorism has made it's way onto American soil, and fear of some additional attack - the number one tool of America's enemies - continues to present itself all over the media and lately on many well known on-line video applications.

Date Line: 07-02-14

PARA Encourages Matt Green for Council
On Thursday June 19th the Porterville Area Republican Assembly's Board of Directors met for their quarterly board meeting and discussed City Councilman's Pete McCracken's health issues, not knowing for sure if his sickness would cause him to resign, or worse yet, his passing create an issue / vacancy for Porterville's City Council. So, with that on the table, and not knowing for certain if Councilman McCracken would pass as soon as he did, PARA's Board of Directors passed a motion to encourage the remaining councilpersons to appoint City Council Candidate Matthew Green to a seat on the council - because of the number of votes he received in the election.

Date Line: 05-16-14

PARA Votes at "Final Forum" for Candidates
On Thursday May 15th PARA held their "Final Forum" for these Candidates - Shawn Cable, John Duran, Russell Fletcher, Matthew Green, Larry Harper, Pete McCracken, Shawn Schwartzenberger and Milt Stowe - who are running for Porterville City Council. Not long after their initial presentations and questions from those in attendance, PARA's members were called by President Lucketta to vote - for no more than two candidates - in whom they will vote for on June 3rd.

Date Line: 05-06-14

PARA to Hold "Final Forum" for City Council Candidates
On Thursday, May 15th the Porterville Area Republican Assembly (PARA) will be holding their "Final Forum" for those Candidates who are running for Porterville City Council. Invited to this "Final Forum" include Shawn Cable, John Duran, Russell Fletcher, Matthew Green, Larry Harper, Pete McCracken, Shawn Schwartzenberger and Milt Stowe. As before, each candidate will be given five (5) minutes to speak and may divide their time up by their collective vote, once seated on the panel.

Date Line: 04-18-14

Boudreaux, Mendoza and Shelton get GOP Endorsement
On April 17th - Thusday night - the Porterville Area Republican Assembly hosted a "Republican Round-Up" of candidates who are running for the 26th Assembly, the 5th district board of supervisors and Tulare County Sheriff. Those who came, included, Mike Boureaux and Dave Whaley for Sheriff, Teresita Andreas, Esther Barajas, Devon Mathis and Rudy Mendoza for the 26th Assembly, and of course City Councilman Greg Shelton, running for the Board of Supervisors in the 5th District. Supervisor Ennis chose another event to attend.

Date Line: 04-02-14

PARA Holds Republican Round Up With Candidates
On April 17th the Porterville Area Republican Assembly - PARA - will be hosting a public forum and "Republican Round Up" of GOP candidates who aspire to public office. Three (3) political offices and several candidates are confirmed for this Republican Rodeo, which includes Mike Boudreaux and Dave Whaley vying for Tulare County Sheriff - Rudy Mendoza, Devon Mathis and Esther Barajas campaigning for the 26th Assembly seat and Porterville City Councilman Greg Shelton who is running for the Fifth District Board of Superiors.

Date Line: 03-03-14

Marty Ferguson, member and convention delegate of the Porterville Area Republican Assembly, (PARA) won a Senatorial directorship on Sunday, March 2nd at the California Republican Assembly endorsing convention - held in Buena Park, at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel. Mr. Ferguson, who is also PARA's representative to Congressman Devin Nunes, will have official jurisdiction over all CRA chapters, unit presidents and all CRA members at large within this district, covering the counties of Tulare, Fresno, Kings and Kern. As a new Senate District Director, Mr. Ferguson will automatically be positioned as a CRA Board Member, with additional state wide fiduciary responsibilities.

PARA Press releases are sent out when events dictate. We ask that the media inform us, if any particial press release is printed, aired or displayed on television. We (PARA) reserve the right for rebuttle when we declare it necessary for clarification or retraction of misquotes or false representaion. GOT IT ?

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